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Interactive Voice Response

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides computer telephony products and services including voice broadcasting systems, interactive voice response systems, and call processing software and phone systems.

For immediate contact, please call us at our Phoenix office. Our office hours there are 8:00AM to 5:00PM Mountain Standard Time. We will provide you with any additional information you may require including a price quotation.

For a quotation, please take a moment to fill out the following registration form prior to calling. A DSC technical representative will analyse this information and will contact you with additional question or can provide you with a quotation over the phone.

Please describe your interactive voice response (IVR) application as thoroughly as possible and a representative will get back with you to discuss how we can help you meet your objectives.

IVR Registration Information

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1. Preferred method of contact?
By Phone
By Email
Either Method Is OK
2. Do you wish to purchase a system or have us host your IVR application?
Purchase IVR System
Hosted IVR Service
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3. How many people would you expect to call in at the same time?
No More Than 5
No More Than 10
No More Than 25
No More Than 50
No More Than 100
More Than 100
Not Sure
4. Do you neeed the IVR to integrate with a database or web site?
Not sure
5. How would you like to receive your IVR results?
By Email
By VoiceXML
Online Report
Not Sure / Other
6. If you're considering purchasing a system, what is your estimated budget?
No More Than $5000
No More Than $10,000
No More Than $20,000
No More Than $40,000
More Than $40,000
Not Sure / Not Applicable
7. When do you need to implement your IVR solution?
Within 2 Months
Between 2 and 4 Months
More than 4 Months
Not Sure
8. Please describe in detail your IVR application.

Please note: There is a 1,000 character limit for this answer. If more space is required, please email your requirements to us using our contact form.